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Who we are

Our goal is not to replace natural plants, but rather to bring the concept of Biophilia where natural plants do not survive easily. Introducing biophilic design with permanent plants is essential,

because it generates harmony, well-being and comfort, creating sensations that only

contact with nature can provide.


Build loyalty and exceed the expectations of our customers, harmonizing environments with beauty,

bringing well-being in a practical and economical way.

Core values

Structure the Company for continuous development, always seeking innovation. 

Try to maintain a line of conduct with respect, seriousness and ethics, which are present in

company relationships, among our employees, and also with our suppliers and customers. 


Pruning, in natural trees, aims to control the shape of the crown. To carry out pruning of our trees, they receive the appropriate procedures for greater durability, based on termiteicide and antifungal.

The selected prunings are fixed to form the trunk. The base of the trunk is made of plaster and cement, depending on the size.

The foliage placed can be preserved or permanent, also known as artificial. Deposited to the trunk in the most similar way to the natural way.

The completion of the process consists of fixing dehydrated moss on the trunks and placing the tree in a pot finished with tree bark.

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